Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Bilderberger - Prince Bernhard & The Windsors

In the War of the Windsors book by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, we learn that founding Bilderberger and SS member, Prince Bernhard (also alleged paedosadist), was the only security risk German not interned during the war.

The key question for me is how the Royals were pro Nazi until it was no longer viable as Churchill was pushing for war due to Chartwell running costs and his cigar, gambling and drinking debts being paid off by the Focus group who were another front for the Zionists... The True Victors of WWII.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Trauma Based Mind Control = Multiple Identity Disorder OR Dissociative Identity Disorder

The list of groups that know the art of Trauma Based Mind Control includes but isn't limited to the CIA, Nazi Doctors in WWII work camps, the Illuminati and ordinary coven Satanists. The psychiatric profession is also complicit in concealing this knowledge by rebranding it from multiple personality disorder to dissociative identity disorder and then smearing the victims with "false memory syndrome". However as these documentaries show there are good people inside the system.

The information presented is excellent because we even get a glimpse of demonic entity programming, which is something I've come across quite a few times in the literature on the subject, and of course in multiple interviews available on the web for those who wish to research the first hand testimony outside of the documentary format. It is not important whether you believe in these entities, you are not the victim, though you might want to observe the woman who needs to remove her ordinary identity glasses for her childlike identity in the supermarket to see the products on the shelf. Nobody can explain this supernatural phenomenon, or indeed the ability of alt identities to speak languages they have never learned.

Multiple Identity Disorder or Dissociative Identity Disorder (Dissociative mind states as a result of trauma and torture such as Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)) is a weapon in the hands of the wrong people. These videos are of victims who weren't necessarily meant to be programmed mind control victims as they were all sexually abused as children and learned dissociative states to cope with the suffering of being raped. However that dissociative state is where the programming work begins in the hands of groups that require different alters such as Beta Sex Slaves, Kitten Programming, Monarch Mind Control and so forth.

The key point is that the condition can be a result of deliberate programming or just a by-product of trauma such as child sexual abuse. This is why the intelligence agencies are most interested in sexually abused children. They get the blackmail out of the matrix and the mind controlled victims. It's kind of a win-win all round.